Range hoods

With Der Koch range hoods your kitchen will have its own personality. Thanks to our different designs, the elegance in the details and the exclusivity of the materials, our range hoods provide a different environment to your kitchen.

With the best choice according to your needs, at Der Koch we offer a line to your liking and convenience. All our extractors have a high capacity of aspiration, good lighting and design guaranteeing elegance and well-being in your kitchen. All our models have the dual system that provides an extraction with external output of the kitchen, also works through a duct and a purification or recirculation system, which works with carbon filters purifying the odors in your kitchen.

Wall range hoods

This kind of hood is placed against the wall above your stove. The air is sent to the outside of your house through the wall or ceiling, includes the recirculation system.

Island Range hoods

For kitchens with island system. The air is normally sent to the outside of your house by the roof, without sticking to the wall. Includes recirculation system.

Built-in Range hoods

It is placed against the wall above the stove. The extractor can be exposed or incorporated in a cabinet. It includes the recirculation system for kitchens where it is not possible to place ducts towards the outside of the house.

Downdraft Range hoods

The latest generation of range hoods with downdraft system. More versatile when is integrated into any kitchen without relying on additional spaces or ceiling heights. The extractor appears and disappears. Elegant finish in stainless steel, black glass and led lights.